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Time To Run | Time For Redemption

A new series by award-winning author Susan C. Muller!

susan c muller's time to runTime To Run
June 23, 2019
ASIN: B07SJY3494
ISBN-13: 978-0996079785
Stanford Publishing

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When Jax Duncan stumbles across a mob execution, she becomes the next target for the hit man and the prime suspect for Special Agent Lincoln Montgomery. She decides to hide out until the case is solved and her name cleared.

Four years later she must run again. Only this time she has an added burden . . . a wounded FBI agent who depends on her to keep him alive until he's well enough to arrest her.


susan c muller's time for redemptionTime For Redemption
May 6, 2021
Stanford Publishing

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It seemed like the perfect plan. But when the trail of evidence leads into the Louisiana bayou, he'll find himself fighting for his life.

Houston, Texas. Tom Meyers believes rules keep chaos at bay. But the brilliant defense attorney is bored with his recent slate of cases. So when a woman is accused of murdering her abusive husband, he takes her as a pro bono client, convinced that a high-profile acquittal will make him a household name.

As he digs for clues to the dead man's past, Tom dispatches his offbeat investigator to Baton Rouge, where she discovers the deceased had a whole other family and a job dealing drugs. But when she disappears into the swamp, the by-the-book lawyer is devastated. And with dirty cops and smugglers hot on his heels, the only way to rescue her and get his client off is to break every rule he's sworn to uphold.

Can Tom protect two women – and save his own head—before the law is twisted against him?

Time for Redemption is the second book in the gripping There's Always Time for Murder thriller series. If you like uncrackable twists, stunning suspense, and one-of-a-kind characters, then you'll love Susan C. Muller's riveting tale.

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